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Home Inspections and More...

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Home Renovations, Inspections and much more...

Home Inspections

We offer a variety of services:

Warranty Inspection:

Have a new home near the end of the builder's warranty period? We offer a "Performance Inspection" that you may use when submitting items for warranty repair consideration.

Listing Inspection:
Selling a home?  Consider having your home inspected prior to listing.  This may prevent any surprises from a potential buyer's inspection.  Know what you have before you sell...

Purchase Inspection:

Buying a pre-owned home?  We can perform a professional home inspection at competitive rates.  Providing you with a comprehensive inspection and detailed evaluation of the home's current condition.

New Build Inspection:
Building a new home?  We can perform a final home inspection prior to your closing.  Providing you with a detailed evaluation of the finished product.

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Home Renovation/Remodeling and More...

Kitchen and Bath Renovations, Room and Porch Enclosures, Custom Decks...

We specialize in renovating or remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for the small to moderate sized home.  We work ono-on-one with you to offer affordable alternatives and solutions. 

So what is the difference between renovating and remodeling? 
Remodeling = typically includes upgrading areas with newer cabinetry, fixtures, lighting, etc... with little to no re-configuration required...
Renovation = from partial to complete re-configuration of space with upgrades to most if not all items in the space.  May include opening up or moving walls, electrical, plumbing, etc...

Have an existing porch or room you are not using to it's fullest? We can create an area that may provide you with additional, usable space without the cost of additional square footage.

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Please Note: To prevent ethical conflicts, we cannot make repairs to any home we perform an inspection on for a period of one year.

Storage Solutions

Innovative Storage Ideas

Small homes often lack effective storage.  Many times, there are additional storage opportunities that you may not even be aware of.  Finding these hidden gems is what we love to do.

For storage solutions or  ideas - click here

Remodeling / Renovation

As we have been in home renovations and custom work for over 28 years, the styles and décor over the years have changed.  As you browse our photos you will see projects that span the entire spectrum of our existence.  While some images of our work may appear out of style now, they were the desired décor of their time.

We can re-create most anything from our photo album to suit your style, in modern colors, materials, textures and decor.